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AOBA Information: February 2013 English

The Monthly Information from Aoba Ward Newsletter is translated by language volunteers registered with Aoba International Lounge.
You can also listen to the Aoba Information. (Click here for details.)


What is "Local Care Plaza" (chiiki kea puraza) ?

Local Care Plaza is the place for residents' activities and for enhancing friendly relations of community residents. Some services are listed below.

  • Lectures on various interesting topics
  • A place for volunteer groups to meet and organize
  • It provides a place for fun events for parents and children.
  • It provides information about welfare and health activities and an open space available for use.
    *Open space are available free for welfare and health activities, so call the office when you need to reserve.

Consultation and support about welfare and health issues is provided.
- There are certified social workers, public health nurses and chief nursing care managers.
- You can consult with them about long-term care insurance and preventive long-term care.

Welfare and health services are also provided Including day care service for elderly people at many locations.

*Some Local Care Plazas don't provide day care service for elderly people, so please confirm.

Tamaplaza Local Care Plaza will open on March 1.
Open hours Mon. to Sat. from 9am to 9pm
on Sunday, National holidays from 9am to 5pm
Closed on every fourth Monday and year end and New year holidays.
Place Tamaplaza Terrace Link-plaza 4th floor
Fee Basically free as long as users' activities are categorized as welfare and health activities.
Inquiries Tamaplaza Care Plaza
TEL: 045-910-5211 FAX: 045-910-5231

Weekend Play Room' (Do-nichi Hiroba) will open in March.

Five Private Companies are cooperating to provide programs and events for children.

Company Sponsored Programs:

  • Gym class for children 1-5 years old and their parents by Kinder Nursery Ltd.
  • Breast-feeding seminar (for pre/post natal mothers) by Dadway,Inc. (import/maker of toys and miscellaneous goods)
  • Talks, gatherings, workshops, making sweets, and art classes by Familie Ltd.
  • Play in English for children, babies and toddlers older by Benesse Corporation (correspondence education)
  • Seminar on Weaning foods - a preparation class for futuremoms and dads by Wakodo, Co.Ltd. (baby food company)
Place Tama Plaza Local Care Plaza Meeting Room 2
Dates and Time every Most Saturdays and Sundays (Please confirm the schedule before visiting)
participants Pre-school age children
application class size is limited. If applicants exceed available openings, lottery will be held.
Announcements (for April classes?)will be uploaded from Feb 18 through Feb 24 on the Aoba Ward website. Information about events held later than April will be introduced in the Aoba-ku monthly news letter.
address Tama-plaza Terrace
Link-Praza 4th floor  1-15, 2 chome, Shin Ishikawa Aoba-ku
Inquiries Children and Families Support Division
TEL: 045-978-2456 FAX: 045-978-2422


Let's make pounded rice cakes with wild herbs 'yomogi'!

You will enjoy making seasonal Yomogi rice cakes.
Wives of local farmers will teach you how to make them.
You can also take some home. Enjoy cooking.
Date & Time March 30 (Sat.) 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm
Place At Tana Farmers' Cooperative Main Office
(Address: 52-8 Tana-cho)
From Tana station (Den-en Toshi line) 8 minutes walk
Capacity 20 people
If applicants exceed capacity, participants will be chosen by lot
Those who are chosen will be informed later.
Fee 1,500yen
Application Apply by post card or by fax.
Write name/age/address/phone and the number of participants and mail it to the following address
Tana Farmers' Cooperative Office
Yomogi dango section
(Address: 52-8 Tana-cho, Aoba-ku Yokohama 227-0064)
Inquiries Tana Farmers' Cooperative Office
TEL: 045-981-6281 FAX: 045-989-4300

Child Raising

Registration for Temporary Childcare at Municipal Kindergartens

Utsukusigaoka kindergarten and Edakita kindergarten are providing temporary childcare. Please apply in advance.
  • Call desired kindergarten to make an appointment
  • Fill in the application form, and register on the arranged date at the kindergarten in person     *Note Bring your child with you.
  • Registration dates are settled to register based on them
Application form Pick up application forms at:
- Aoba ward office , 2nd floor, window number 34
- Municipal nurseries in Aoba
- Azamino Station Administrative Service Corner
*Can also be downloaded from homepage of Aoba
Time to Call Monday to Friday 10:00 am - 4:00pm
Utsukushigaoka Kindergarten
TEL: 045-901-7190
(Address 2 chome 2-1 Utsukushigaoka)
Edakita Kindergarten TEL: 045-912-4828
(Address 3-chome 6-14 Edakita)
Application date and time Pre-registered applicant Monday February 18 and Tuesday 19
First time applicant Wednesday February 20,Thursday 21,Friday 22
Time: 9:00am - noon, 1:00pm - 4:00pm

Consultation for Infertility or recurrent miscarriage

Counselors will provide consultation services from April for those having problems related to infertility or recurrent miscarriage.
Date The first Tuesday of each month from April
(When the holiday falls on the first Tuesday it will be held on the second Tuesday)
Place Aoba Health and Welfare Center 1st floor No.16
Eligibility Residents in Aoba-ku who need to consult with a counselor as to infertility or recurrent miscarriage
How to apply/Inquiries By phone from March
Call Child-care Support Section (TEL: 045-978-2458)

Health and Welfare

Lung cancer screening

  • Yokohama City provides low-cost lung cancer screening for eligible residents. Eligible residents are
    - 40 years old and over who cannot receive cancer screening from other providers.
    - This service is available once a fiscal year. (the Japanese fiscal year Heisei 24 is from April 1 of 2012 (Heisei 24) to March 31 2013 (Heisei 25)
  • This is cancer prevention screening for persons without any symptoms. If you already have specific symptoms, please visit a medical institution directly.
  • Please call for an appointment.
    *you can't receive screening before pre-arranged appointment time.
Date March 8 (Fri.) in the morning at your appointment time
Place Aoba Public Health and Welfare Center
Capacity 50 persons appointment accepted on first-come basis
Fee X-ray screening only: 680yen
X-ray screening and sputum examination: 1350 yen plus 140yen for postage to mail you the results.
Eligibility for free screening

The following people can get a free cancer screening

  • A person older than 70 and over.
  • A person between 65 and 69 and has a health insurance card issued by the union of Kanagawa Prefecture.
  • A person on welfare
  • A person who has less income than minimum taxable amount (Application at ward office is necessary in advance.)
  • A person who is covered by the benefit for Japanese returnees from China
Application Call "Kenko Zukuri Kakari", Health Promotion Section, first come basis.
- from Feb. 22 to Mar.7
- from 8:45am acceptance on first come basis
Inquiries Kenko Zukuri Kakari (Health Promotion Section)
TEL: 045-978-2438 FAX: 045-978-2419